Website Update (6 Apr 14)

Simone Byrne PhotographyIt has taken me a long time to get around to doing it, as due to other commitments, my photography has taken a bit of a back seat as of late, but finally my website has been fully updated. I added eight new images, Jettyscapes (1), Seascapes (7) and as with the rest of my photographic works, they are all available for purchase as fine art prints through my galleries at Redbubble, Fine Art America and Bluecanvas.

I am also planning to make an extra effort to get out with the camera now that the winter is almost upon us. I find that this part of the year seems to offer up the best light and moods when it comes to landscape photography. Winter sunsets are simply just amazing!


Sailors Falls, VIC

Last Thursday it was overcast and murky so I decided to head out with the camera and see if I could scout out a new location. I had heard about and seen pictures of Sailors Falls, which is located just out of Daylesford on the Ballan-Daylesford Road and is part of the Wombat State Forest. I was not sure if there would be much water about, as we have really not had any heavy rain now since winter. Even so I thought I would try my luck and at the very least it would be a good afternoon hiking through the bush.

I found my way to the area without any problem, but my GPS lead me astray and had me driving up Telegraph Road in search of the Falls, which are in fact located on the western corner of Ballan-Daylesford Road and Telegraph Road at the big car park (mental note to self, trust your own eyes, not your GPS!). So after unpacking my gear I made my way down to the falls, the first viewing platform of the upper falls (sorry no pic at this stage) is actually pretty good and unobstructed by trees. There was not a lot of water coming over the top but I decided to head towards the bottom anyway just to check out the terrain. There is a short steep decent to the bottom of the falls to another viewing point, which is unfortunately obstructed by a large tree. Determined to get a clearer view I clambered over rocks along the creek bed and found a couple of gems along the way.

Hidden Paradise

Hidden Paradise – 240 sec • f8 • iso 100 • 10 mm
One of the little drops I found on the way to the base of the falls.

Forest Swirl

Forest Swirl – 240 sec • f5.6 • iso 100 • 10 mm
The same drop from a slightly different point of view.

I played around with several compositions of some smaller areas of the creek as I made my way up to the falls. By the time I got to the spot pictured above however, the light was beginning to fade and I had to make my way back to the car. For this location you really need to get here early and spend a full day. I am now waiting patiently for some rain, so I can head back to photograph the creek and falls in full flow. It is great to know however that I have this little pocket of paradise only 60 minutes drive from home.

Google Map of Sailors Falls

Website Updated!

Simone Byrne PhotographyI finally got a chance to get my website updated over the last couple of days. Prints are now available for sale via the links on each image page. Just check out the Portfolio section and browse through the various galleries. My images can be purchased as greeting cards, postcards, prints, mounted or framed prints and canvasses and I currently have three stores from which you can choose to buy from, Redbubble, Fine Art America and Bluecanvas. In the coming weeks I will also be putting together a selection of themed calendars to choose from or alternatively you can contact me and I will customise a calendar especially for you. More information on that soon.

Back Online!

After struggling through a photographic drought for more than a year now it is fantastic to have finally found a renewed passion to head out with the camera once again. It can be very difficult to find any sort of motivation when you are dealing with severe health and financial issues, but now events are working themselves out it feels amazing to once again enjoy being out amongst the elements and chasing the light with the black brick. I look forward to bringing you new images from the many photographic excursions I have planned over the coming months. Yes indeed, it is GREAT to be back!